About: Nella

Prince Albert: one my my favourite reading retreats

I love books, and how they feel in my hands, solid and sincere. How they smell – either a new one: crisp, fresh paper and clear ink; or a much-loved older one: musty and well-paged. I love sentences, words, and how they are put together. I love writing and playing with words. I am never without a book; in fact, I feel terribly insecure if I don’t have one next to my bed. If all else fails, the back of the cereal box has been known to help, as well as the spam mail in the letter box.

I belong to two book clubs and work in a school library, so I read a great deal. Friends of mine know this, so I often get phone calls asking for recommendations. Sure enough, when I’m put on the spot, I can’t remember one title of any book – which is why I started the blog.


5 thoughts on “About: Nella”

  1. Hey Nella
    I was googling Katie and found you!! After many years I see you look exactly the same as ever. Congrats on your blog – which reminded me of you spending your Plett holidays on the couch devouring books – I see nothing has changed there!
    I bumped into Pippa early last year in a restaurant in Illovo and we had a little catch-up chat on the family. I trust your mom and dad are well and still enjoying life in Plett? What is Katie up to in the US?
    I have a nearly 15 year old daughter who is very involved with ballet and dance. Married for 17 years now!! and living in Joburg.
    I would love to hear from you
    Colin Teifel

  2. Hi, Not sure if you have seen, but I have nominated you for the Booker Award, which I hope you will accept. Do pop over to my blog to check out what to do.

  3. HI Nella
    I belong to the Friday Morning Book Club in Baltimore. I was surfing around our site today, as I do from time to time and noticed that you had commented on one of the posts. You mentioned that your sister used to live in Baltimore and I am curious who she is, as an e SA, who also lives in Baltimore. Feel free to contact me privately to answer, if you would like.
    Enjoyed reading some of your posts too.

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